Remax RM-518a, USB-C, 1.2m Earphones (black)

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    Remax RM-518a headphones, USB-C, 1.2m (black)

    Want to listen to your favorite tunes wherever you are? Remax headphones will be perfect for you! Thanks to the soundproof earcups, they will provide you with excellent sound quality, and what's more, they will delight you with powerful bass. In addition, they will be comfortable to use thanks to the cable, measuring 1.2 meters in length.


    Excellent sound quality

    RM-518 Remax headphones offer excellent sound quality thanks to several innovative solutions. The soundproof earcups provide isolation from external noise, allowing you to focus on the music being played. The double-layer in-ear design enhanced physical sound isolation and allows even more precise amplification of low-frequency melodies. In addition, a dynamic microphone provides clear call quality, and a resilient ultra-thin graphene diaphragm enhances sound resolution.


    Music in a new way

    The RM-518 Remax headphones offer music in a new way with professional tuning that optimizes the listening experience. The Hi-Fi sound they deliver is impressive and balanced, yet rich in detail and with powerful bass. Thanks to the 1.2-meter cable length, use is extremely comfortable, and the earcups provide a high level of comfort even during longer listening sessions. The RM-518 Remax headphones are an ideal choice for anyone looking for modern, high-quality headphones.


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