Joyroom JR-EL114 Wired Earphones (White)

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    Joyroom JR-EL114 wired in-ear headphones (black)

    The Joyroom JR-EL114 headphones will keep you comfortable for a long time, and the HiFi stereo sound will let you rediscover your favorite songs. You can also use them to talk comfortably on the phone, and their operation is simple and intuitive. In addition, solid workmanship is responsible for the durability of the headphones. The product is also distinguished by its minimalist and stylish design.


    Convenient operation

    Operating the headphones will not cause you any problems. The remote control integrated into the cable allows you to control the music player and incoming calls. The first button allows you to answer, reject calls and stop/resume playback. On the other hand, you can adjust the volume to your needs with the following buttons.


    High-quality sound

    The Joyroom JR-EL114 headphones provide high quality sound - you don't have to worry about interference or signal loss. The 3.5mm connector is made of nickel, which translates into a stable connection. In addition, the headphones are equipped with 10-millimeter drivers, so you can enjoy crystal clear sound.


    Thoughtful design

    The Joyroom JR-EL114 provide comfort even if you use them for a long time. What's more, the silicone pads are skin-friendly and effectively suppress ambient noise. Meanwhile, the TPE plastic cable is resistant to damage.

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