Gosund EP2 Smart plug WiFi

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    Now you can manage your smart home even more conveniently. The Gosund EP2 smart WiFi plug is compatible with multiple apps and voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It allows you to remotely operate connected devices, monitor their energy usage, and even control them by voice. You can also create work schedules and share control with family or friends. At the same time, the plug is compact enough that it doesn't take up too much space.


    Remote control in app

    Managing your smart home system has never been easier. The plug works with platforms like Google Home, Gosund, TUYA and Smart Life, which means you can conveniently control your connected appliances remotely - from your smartphone. Turn your devices on and off wherever you are - at home, in a restaurant, or on vacation. You can also create detailed schedules for them. A light that automatically goes off when you leave your apartment? Now it's possible!


    Control your devices with your voice

    Cooking, your hands are busy, and you could use some extra light? Are you sitting comfortably in your chair and you want to turn on the fan? No problem! You don't even have to move from your seat or reach for your phone. The EP2 plug is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants. Just give the right command and watch your smart home adapt to your needs!


    Share control

    Your family or friends can also conveniently manage your smart home. If you want, share your plugs and connected devices in the app with some of your friends. This way, they too can remotely operate appliances, monitor energy consumption and create schedules. With Gosund, you can easily make your home a friendly place for the whole family!


    Goodbye high electricity bills

    Gosund gives you a new way to save electricity. What does it mean? By using the EP2 plug, you can conveniently monitor the power consumption of the equipment connected to it from your smartphone. Want to make sure a specific device doesn't draw more power than necessary? Schedule it to run only when you need it to!


    Small and easy to install

    Get rid of large, impractical devices that take up way too much space and obstruct other outlets on your power strip, making them impossible to use. EP2 is so small that it will not interfere with anything! Its installation and configuration will not cause you any problems either. The device also ensures the safety of use. It will not overheat and will protect the connected equipment from possible damage.


    Amazingly durable

    What else makes the Gosund EP2 smart plug definitely worthy of your attention? The device is made of high-end materials that give it incredible durability. The flame-resistant casing ensures greater safety of use and protects the product from damage, while the phosphor-bronze connectors and advanced PCBA ensure its reliability and prevent over load.





    Brand Gosund
    Model EP2
    Number of pieces in the box 1
    Material Fire-resistant PC V0
    Voltage 220-240V
    Max. efficiency 10A
    Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
    App Gosund / Smart Life / TUYA
    Compatibility Amazon Alexa i Google Assistant
    Current max 10A
    Power max 2500W
    Protection type LED
    Timer switch Yes
    Status indication LED
    Current energy measurement Yes

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