Choetech B567 Solar power bank with inductive charging 3x USB 20000mAh 20W / QC 18W / Qi 10W (black-orange)

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    Choetech B567 solar powerbank with inductive charging 3x USB 20000mAh 20W / QC 18W / Qi 10W (black and orange)

    With Choetech Powerbank you will charge your gear quickly and safely! It is equipped with up to 3 USB outputs, so you can charge multiple devices simultaneously. For even more convenience, it also has inductive charging capability. It stands out for its high capacity of as much as 20000 mAh. What's more, you can easily charge it with the help of built-in solar panels.


    Exceptional capacity

    What distinguishes the Choetech powerbank is its much capacity reaching as much as 20000 mAh. What's more, it's equipped with a USB-C input and 3 USB outputs, allowing you to charge several devices at once. In addition, it also has a 5W inductive charging capability for greater convenience. All this makes this powerbank ideal for emergency situations.


    Solar charging

    Choetech's powerbank is equipped with solar panels, so it can recover a full battery in no time. All you have to do is place it in direct sunlight. You don't need to set up or configure anything else, making charging it trivial!


    Comfort of use

    Choetech is not only a functional device, but also a guaranteed comfort of use. It stands out for its high compatibility with various devices including iPhone, Huawei and Samsung. What's more, it is equipped with a flashlight that will illuminate the space during night hikes or camping. It's also very lightweight, and what's more, you can easily attach it to your backpack or bag using the Velcro cord included in the kit.



    • Powerbank
    • Micro cable
    • Velcro cord

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