XIAOMI HOTO QWCQB001 Electric Tire Inflator , 2500mAh

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    Electric Tire Inflator Hoto QWCQB001

    Equip yourself with the handy HOTO QWCQB001 mini car compressor, which allows you to inflate a car tire, bicycle tire or ball, as well as measure the pressure with an accuracy of 0.1 bar. It is equipped with a 2500 mAh battery and a built-in flashlight, and thanks to its lightweight design you can easily take it anywhere. The kit includes 4 different nozzles and a carrying case.


    Powerful work

    The impressive performance of the mini compressor is due to its high pressure of 150 psi and large 19mm valve. The applied solutions make it take only about 8.5 minutes to inflate a car tire, and you can prepare for any eventuality. The device also allows you to measure the pressure with an accuracy of 0.1 bar and automatically stops working when the optimum value is reached.


    5 operation modes

    The HOTO QWCQB001 mini car compressor offers as many as 5 modes of operation, so it will find use in many different situations. At your disposal are modes such as Ball (4-16 psi), Bike (30-65 psi), Motorbike (1.8-3 bar), Car (1.8-3.5 bar) and Custom (3-150 psi). So you can easily inflate a ball or a tire on your bike. Moreover, the device displays pressure values in 2 units (bar or psi).


    Powerful battery

    The 2,500 mAh battery ensures cordless operation and frees you from cables. Fully charged, it can inflate a car tire about 2.8 times, a mountain bike tire about 9 times, and a soccer ball about 37 times. Convenient renewal of energy is possible via the USB-C cable included in the kit.


    Well designed

    Thanks to the use of a special air duct and fans, the compressor does not get hot and has effective heat dissipation. It also has a built-in LED flashlight that will illuminate the area after dark. The lightweight construction and compact form are also worth mentioning - the device will fit in your backpack and will serve you anywhere.


    Accessories in the set

    In the box, apart from the compress, you will find a case for easy transport and storage, as well as 4 nozzles thanks to which you can use the device in various situations. The Schrader valve will allow you to pump up motorcycle and car tires, and the Presta valve will allow you to pump up bicycle tires. A needle for inflating balls and an adapter for inflating swimming toys will also come in handy.



    • Mini car compressor
    • Schrader valve with hose
    • Presta valve
    • Inflation needle
    • Adapter
    • Charging cable (USB-C)
    • Carrying case


    Manufacturer HOTO
    Name Portable Electric Tire Inflator
    Model QWCQB001
    Pressure range 0.2-10.3 bar / 3-150 psi
    Charging temperature 0°C - 45°C
    Discharge (operating) temperature -10°C - 45°C
    Storage temperature -10°C - 45°C
    Hose diameter 200 mm (including adapter, without thread)
    Battery capacity 2500 mAh
    Volume level less than 80 dB (at a distance of 1 m)
    Input voltage 5 V - 2 A
    Charging port USB-C
    Charging time approx. 3,5 h
    Sensor accuracy ±2 psi
    Standard Q31 / 0107000203C001-2021
    Dimensions 89 x 44 x 123 mm

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