IMOU Bullet 2C Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera 1080p

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    IMOU Bullet 2C 1080p Wi-Fi outdoor camera

    Have confidence that your home is safe and secure. The IMOU Bullet 2C outdoor camera provides QHD surveillance and offers Night Vision to ensure high-quality images even after dark. It also features an IP67 rating and has a built-in microphone. What's more, the device detects motion - if someone appears within its range, you will receive a notification on your phone.


    Learn about what matters

    Enjoy a higher level of security in your home. If the camera detects that someone is in its vicinity, you will receive a notification accordingly. The device detects only human silhouettes - don't worry about receiving unnecessary messages when an animal comes within its range.


    Excellent image quality

    You won't miss a single detail with IMOU. The camera records video in QHD resolution and supports Night Vision - so it can provide reliable monitoring even around the clock. It also has a built-in microphone that captures clear, natural sound. In addition, the H.265 codec allows you to save better quality recordings while saving storage space.



    Want to mount the camera in front of the house, next to the garage door or in the garden? No problem - the device will perform well even in harsh weather conditions. It is IP67-rated, which means that rain poses no threat to it. It is not intimidated by unfavorable weather!


    Different ways to save video

    You can save your video in several ways. If you want, use a memory card - the Bullet 2C supports microSD cards of up to 256 GB. Do you prefer to enjoy access to your recordings anywhere? Or do you want to be sure that even if the camera gets damaged, your videos will be safe? Take advantage of cloud storage!



    • camera
    • instruction manual
    • power supply
    • installation template
    • installation set (screws and plugs)
    • waterproof connector

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