Baseus 150W Inverter (220V CN/EU) (black)

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    Baseus CRNBQ-A01 car inverter

    The product from Baseus will allow you to quickly renew the energy of several devices simultaneously, with a maximum power of 150W. In addition, the inverter stands out for its stable and safe operation. Thanks to AC, USB and USB-C ports you will successfully charge devices such as a laptop, phone, tablet, powerbank or handheld fan.


    Safe charging

    The inverter is equipped with intelligent chips that protect your devices and their battery and ensure stable CRNBQ-A01 operation. In addition, the product will adjust the current according to the device being charged. In addition, the inverter has passed several tests and is CE and RoHS certified, so it is completely safe.


    Wide compatibility with 4 output ports

    The Baseus Inverter will allow you to renew the power of multiple devices with 4 output ports. With the dual AC port, you will charge, for example, a laptop or a desk lamp. While the USB and USB-C ports allow you to charge your phone, tablet, powerbank or hand fans.


    Safety of use

    CRNBQ-A01 owes its thoughtful design. The fans dissipate heat well to protect the inverter from overheating, and the indicator will let you know when the device is running. The ABS + PC construction makes the device robust and resistant to damage. In addition, on the top of the device, there is a digital screen that displays information about current and voltage values. As a result, you take full control of the situation.


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