ENCHEN Mocha S Electric shaver

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    ENCHEN Mocha S Shaver

    With ENCHEN, shaving and beard styling become even easier. The Mocha S shaver is equipped with high-quality blades imported from Germany, and thanks to its movable cutting heads, it glides perfectly over the skin. Its IPX7 water resistance allows it to be conveniently cleaned, and its 5200rpm motor is responsible for its efficient performance. The device is also very comfortable to use and stands out for its long working time.


    Fast and efficient shaving

    Make it easy to shave and even out your beard. The shaver is equipped with 3 movable cutting heads, so it glides smoothly over the skin and precisely follows the shape of your face. It also has excellent quality main and auxiliary blades, so it quickly and effectively eliminates even the shortest hairs without causing irritation or cuts.


    Powerful motor

    What makes the shaver perform so efficiently and reliably? The Mocha S is equipped with a Mabuchi motor imported from Japan, which runs at speeds as high as 5200rpm. It also ensures lower power consumption. The shaver is also surprisingly quiet. Say goodbye to annoying noise and enjoy a comfortable shave!


    IPX7 water resistance

    Mocha S is distinguished by its IPX7 water resistance, so you can shave both dry and wet with foam. It is also possible to wash the shaver under running water - this way you will keep it in excellent condition for longer. Cleaning the device is also facilitated by magnetic cutting heads - if necessary, you can easily dismantle them and remove the dirt accumulated under them.


    Long working time

    Thanks to the device's cordless design, you can free yourself from cables and gain more freedom of movement while shaving. The Mocha S has a built-in long-lasting battery, so it can last you up to 2 months on a full charge. You'll also find a USB-C cable included for convenient charging of the shaver. It only takes about 1.5 hours for the device to be fully operational again!


    Reliable while traveling

    You no longer have to give up the ability to style your beard comfortably while on a trip. The cordless yet compact design of the shaver means you can always have it with you. You can easily fit it in your backpack or bag. There is also a travel lock function to avoid accidental activation of the device during transport.


    In the box

    • Shaver
    • Charging cable (USB-C)
    • Cleaning brush
    • User manual

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