Baseus Ethernet RJ45, 1Gbps, 15m network cable (black)

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    The Baseus brand cable will work perfectly in any situation, regardless of the conditions. It was made of high-quality materials that effectively protect it from damage. The specially designed tip of both plugs protects them from bending. The cable is flexible and flat, so you can easily hide it under the carpet or between desks. The cable features wide compatibility - you can easily plug it into all devices with RJ45 ports. What's more, it comes with a practical Plug&Play system, which ensures that you can start working immediately after connecting the cable.

    Lightning-fast data transmission

    Data transfer has never been faster! The cable provides transmission with a maximum network speed of up to 1000 Mbps and frequency in the range of 250 MHz. You will easily download up to 125 MB of files in just a second. The tinned copper cable guarantees a stable connection, so you don't have to worry about Internet interference, for example, during an important game play.


    Type RJ45 - RJ45
    Material PVC
    Color Black
    Length 15m
    Core 32AWG oxygen-free copper
    Channel bandwidth 250 MHz
    Throughput up to 1 Gbps
    Category 6

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