Yunmai Premium M1301 Smart Scale with 13 Body Measurement Functions

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    Smart scale with 13 body measuring functions Yunmai Premium M1301

    The Yunmai Premium Smart Scale offers up to 13 advanced measurement functions. It not only measures body weight, but also provides comprehensive tracking, analysis and health improvement. With a sleek design with a rounded base, it looks great, and the ability to store the data of 16 users makes it ideal for the whole family. The device supports Bluetooth 4.0 technology, and the Yunmai Health app allows you to monitor your progress and see the latest trends.


    Comprehensive measurements

    Take care of yourself with Yunmai. The smart scale allows you to monitor 13 different body measurements, allowing you to analyze your health from multiple perspectives, such as visceral fat levels, protein levels, fitness age or muscle and bone mass index. This will give you a comprehensive knowledge of your body.


    Perfect for the whole family

    Each member of your family has individual health goals, so Yunmai Premium offers up to 16 user profiles. There's also a guest mode so you can let your friend get a thorough analysis as well. With Yunmai, everyone can benefit from monitoring their health.


    More possibilities with the app

    You don't have to worry about losing important data. The smart scale allows automatic synchronization thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 technology, and the data is stored in the cloud. Now you can easily set new goals, weigh yourself regularly and track your progress. After the first weighing, the device automatically recognizes users. In the Yunmai Heath app, you can check statistics in the form of graphs. Find out that taking care of your health and monitoring your progress doesn't have to be difficult!


    Innovative design

    When designing the Yunmai Premium scale, every detail has been taken care of, and perfection is in the details. The rounded base gives the device charm and elegance. Each element has been carefully crafted to make the scale stand out for both functionality and aesthetic appeal.


    Measuring functions

    • Body Mass in the range of 6kg to 180kg, with an accuracy of 0.2 kg
    • BMI with an accuracy of 0.1%
    • Body fat in the range of 5%-75%, with an accuracy of 0.1%
    • Hydration in range of 15%-70% with accuracy of 1%
    • Body weight without fat with accuracy of 0.2 kg
    • Bone mass with accuracy of 0.2%
    • BMR
    • Subcutaneous fat mass with accuracy of 0.2 kg
    • Visceral fat index with accuracy of 1-30
    • Body age with accuracy of 1 year
    • Body protein with accuracy of 1%
    • Muscle mass in range 15%-70% with accuracy of 0.1%
    • Skeletal muscle mass



    • Yunmai M1301 scale
    • battery 1.5V AA x3
    • Instruction manual

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