Baseus GaN3 Pro wall charger 2xUSB-C + 2xUSB, 100W (black)

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    Baseus GaN3 Pro 2xUSB-C + 2xUSB network charger, 100W (black).

    Quickly and safely charge multiple devices simultaneously with the Baseus GaN3 Pro network charger. It features 4 charging inputs with a total power of 100 watts, which are compatible with fast charging standards. The multiple protection system ensures a high level of safety when powering up your equipment. What's more, the set comes with a functional 1.5-meter USB cable, which makes it easy to use your devices while charging them.


    Fast charging technology

    The charger supports fast charging protocols, i.e. PD, QC, AFC, SCP, FCP, PPS, so you can charge your devices in no time. Just 30 minutes is enough to charge your MacBook Pro 13" laptop up to 39% or Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Gen8 up to 50%! What's more, with 4 ports - 2 x USB AND 2 x USB-C with a maximum output power of 100 watts, you can easily charge up to 4 pieces of equipment at the same time.


    Convenient cable

    In the set you will find a practical USB cable as long as 1.5 m! Thanks to this length you can freely use your smartphone or tablet while charging. From now on nothing will limit you. What's more, thanks to its small size, the charger does not take up much space. You can take it with you, for example, on a business trip - it will easily fit into your luggage or backpack.



    The charger works with many popular devices on the market. It is compatible with, among others, MacBook Pro 16" or Huawei MateBook 14 laptops, iPad Pro 11" tablets or Xiaomi, Samsung or Apple smartphones.



    Innovative BCT cooling technology is responsible for fast heat dissipation, effectively preventing the charger from overheating. A number of safety features effectively protect your equipment from overcharging or short-circuiting, ensuring fast and safe charging.



    • mains charger
    • USB-C/USB-C charging cable

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