Ultrasonic humidifier Deerma F301

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    Take care of your health with the Deerma F301 air humidifier

    The right level of air humidity in the rooms you are in is crucial to your health. So make sure it's always perfect - the easy to use and efficient Deerma F301 air humidifier will help you do this.


    Create a health-friendly environment

    Thanks to the appropriate design of the device you can always enjoy safe, perfectly humidified air in your home. Water introduced into the humidifier is first deeply cleansed and then sprayed as a delicate, refreshing mist. With the help of Deerma F301 you can easily ensure the right level of air humidity and take care of a healthy, pleasant atmosphere in your environment.


    Easy to use

    Operation of the humidifier is trivially simple. Just pour water from the top of the unit and then turn on the humidifier with an intuitive, sensitive touch panel. Don't worry about the condition of your furniture - Deerma F301 will leave it completely dry, so you don't have to worry about stains and surface damage.


    Find out more

    The humidifier panel will not only enable you to operate the device efficiently, but also provide you with the necessary information. The color of its backlight will tell you what is the current level of humidity in the room. Yellow means that it is low - less than 45%. Green refers to moderate (45%-60%) and blue to high - between 60% and 90%. This allows you to check at any time whether the level of humidity in your home is the one you need.


    Regular water spraying

    The water spraying element is rotatable, which allows an even distribution and a wide range of the mist. It also prevents the dampness of walls and furniture. So you don't have to worry about the condition of your apartment - problems with both excessive humidity and insufficient air humidity will only be a sad memory.


    Deerma F301 - 2 devices in 1!

    If you love aromatherapy, Deerma F301 will certainly delight you! At any time, you can add flowers, fruits or your favorite essential oils to the water stored in the humidifier and thus turn it into an aromatizer. Take advantage of the possibilities that Deerma F301 gives you and create for yourself a beautifully fragrant yet perfectly moisturized environment.


    Designed to enjoy

    Efficient operation of the humidifier is combined with its practical design. The device is small, so you can put it anywhere you want - in the living room, office, bedroom, child's room or office. It is also extremely light - it weighs only 1.49 kg. Moving it from place to place will not cause you even the slightest problem. Made of durable plastic, the casing is very easy to clean. Thanks to its simple construction and classic, bright colors, Deerma F301 humidifier looks really stylish and can be a universal addition to any room. See how it will work in your home!


    Efficiency and comfort

    The water tank has a capacity of 2.5 l, so you don't have to replace it too often. Deerma F301 humidifier is very efficient and at the same time extremely quiet - its volume level does not exceed 36 dB. So you can enjoy properly humidified air around the clock - when you rest, work, and even while you sleep - unnecessary noise will not disturb your peace.


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