Baseus Grain Pro Car Charger 2x USB 4.8A (black)

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    Charge 2 devices simultaneously

    The car charger from Baseus allows you to charge 2 devices simultaneously which means that you and your passenger can charge your phones at the same time. The high amperage current enables high efficiency and fast charging speed. With the charger from Baseus, you will not only charge your Android or Apple device, but also GPS navigation, headphones, camera equipment, powerbanks, e-cigarettes and much more.


    Solid finish

    The charger is made of the highest quality flame resistant PC and ABS materials, making it scratch resistant. As a result, CCALLP-01 always looks like new. The PC material is impact and heat resistant which makes the charger durable, and you can use it for a long time. Its small size makes the charger fit perfectly with most lighters.


    Complete protection

    The charger from Baseus has passed numerous safety tests and earned multiple certifications, so you can use it without worry. The control chipset matches the current to each device and protects it from damage. With 7 levels of protection, both your device and charger are protected against overcharging, over-discharge, overvoltage, overheating, overcurrent, short circuit and electromagnetic field.


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