PULUZ PU507 Tempered Glass for GoPro HERO10/HERO9 Lens + LCD Display 9H 2.5D

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    1. Hard and durable tempered glass surface under special manufacturing process.
    2. Scratching protect on the camera.
    3. Static technology eliminates the bubble effect and enhance firmly on the camera LCD.
    4. High transparency with 99.5% clarity.
    5. Strengthens with color chrome on the camera.
    6. Suitable for GoPro HERO10 Black / HERO9 Black action camera.
    7. Note: The camera is not included.

    Package List
    1. Back Screen Film x 1
    2. Front Screen Film x 1
    3. Lens Film x 1
    4. Cleaning Cloth x 1
    5. Dry & Wet Wipes x 1
    6. Paper Card Bag x 1

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