Discovery Basics EK50 Explorer Kit

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    Discovery Basics EK50 Explorer Kit

    The kit includes a pair of binoculars, a compass, a "3 in 1" whistle, a dyno torch, and a backpack.

    The Discovery Basics EK50 Explorer Kit includes items that are useful on a camping trip. This is a must-have for a trip to the countryside so that you can quickly navigate in the woods, explore the nearby area, and signal for help in case of an emergency. All items are stored in a comfortable backpack.

    The main element that comes with the kit is, of course, the binoculars. This is a full-fledged optical device built on roof prisms with adjustable interpupillary distance and central focusing. It is a great tool for learning about the world around us. It also sits comfortably in your hands and provides sharp and clear high-contrast images.

    Equally important components of the kit: a liquid compass with a North arrow, a multifunctional "3 in 1" whistle (a whistle, a compass, and a thermometer in one device), and a dyno torch.

    The compass will come in handy for finding the right direction and determining the sides of the world. The compass has a sight slot, sight wire, and folding design. The whistle is designed to send signals and measure the air temperature. There is also an additional small compass located on the whistle. A dyno torch is a lighting device that works without batteries. The bulb is powered by a lever to be pressed. This is an extremely convenient tool for field use, as this flashlight does not require recharging or changing batteries.

    Key features:

    • Research and orientation kit
    • A must-have for travelers and hikers
    • Packaged in a colorful branded box
    • Set with binoculars, compass, "3 in 1" whistle, dyno torch, backpack for storage and transportation


    • Application: nature study
    • User level: for beginners

    Binoculars specifications:

    • Type: roof prism
    • Interpupillary distance: adjustable
    • Focusing: central

    Compass specifications:

    • Type: liquid with a north arrow
    • Body: folding
    • Key features: a sight slot and sight wire

    Whistle specifications:

    • Type: multitool
    • Design: one-piece design
    • Functionality: whistle, thermometer, compass

    Dyno torch specifications:

    • Type: LED
    • Body material: plastic
    • Lever lock: +
    • Power supply: not required


    • Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years.
    • Only to be used under the direct supervision of an adult.

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