JIMI Home JM-G3136N + 30 bits Screwdriver precision set

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    Electric precision screwdriver Jimi Home JM-G3136N set of 30 bits

    Do you want to drive screws quickly and conveniently? Now it will be possible with the Jimi Home electric screwdriver! It stands out for its thoughtful design, so you will be able to use it comfortably in one hand! What's more, the set of bits you'll find in the magnetic case will allow you to do a variety of jobs - from minor to major repairs. In addition, the LED backlight it is equipped with will make it easier to use in dimly lit rooms. With Jimi Home, no more malfunctions will be a problem!


    Comfort of use

    The Jimi Home electric precision screwdriver was created with comfort in mind. You'll easily be able to use it in one hand, and what's more, the dual-switch design is responsible for more usage scenarios. You won't have to worry about bits falling out of the device, as it has a magnetic design. The screwdriver is also equipped with a 3-level power indicator, so you'll always know when to charge it. You will store all the necessary things in the magnetic box - from today your tools will always be in order!


    Powerful motor

    What sets the electronic precision screwdriver apart is its powerful neodymium magnet motor and high output torque of 4N⋅m. What's more, it's also equipped with a metal gearbox and three planetary gears. Its industrial-grade lithium battery exhibits high durability and protection against overloading and overcharging. In addition, to charge it, you just need to place the device in the special charging base included from the kit. At full power, you will be able to drive as many as 220 screws!


    Multiple applications

    Jimi Home is a device that no job will be terrible! You can use it when repairing small electronics, household or maintenance work and more! The set of bits you'll find in the box will make this task easier! You will find the most popular types, so that no malfunction will surprise you. What's more, the screwdriver is equipped with 4 LED lights, which will greatly facilitate your work in poorly lit rooms.


    Ease of use

    The electronic precision screwdriver is not only a highly functional device, but also easy to use. Using special buttons, you can select counterclockwise rotation - unscrewing, or clockwise rotation - screwing. This way you can get your work done with ease!


    In the set

    • electric precision screwdriver
    • charging station
    • charging cable
    • bit set (T40, T30, T25, T20, T15, T10, T9, T8, T6, TT30, TT25, TT20, TT15, TT10, PH3, 6PH2x2, 5PH1x2, R0, R1, R2, H6, H5,H4, H3, SL5, SL3, PZ1, PZ2)
    • long drill bit x 2 (60 × 6.35 mm PH2 x 2)
    • hex drill bit (Φ2.5 mm Φ3.5 mm)
    • extension drill (60 × 6.35 mm)

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