JIMIHome FM-3 Screwdriver set 100pcs

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    JIMI Home FM-3 Screwdriver Set, 100 pieces

    Consisting of up to 100 items, the FM-3 screwdriver set will be perfect in the hands of any professional whose work is based on small items such as working with electronic equipment, computers, cell phone repair, but not only. This handy set will also be a helpful addition to small repairs at home, in the car or on a bicycle.


    Several tool levels

    Thanks to the compact structure, the housing of the set has been divided into 3 modules, which after folding create an easy to carry and store whole. You can easily transport such a set in your car, it will fit in your backpack or in a bigger toolbox. The casing is made of durable ABS material and covered with metallic paint for better aesthetics.


    Magnetic mat

    On the first level of the set there is a magnetic mat which makes even the smallest metal parts such as screws or elements won't fall off and you won't waste your time looking for them. In addition, there are boxes on the mat which will help you to categorize the elements on the work floor.


    Precise installation

    Under the magnetic mat there is space for 3 types of tweezers. In addition, the set has been equipped with two wedge-shaped blades which will allow you to gently open the devices which you are repairing. Thanks to the blades you can, for example, get inside the cell phone to perform deep cleaning or replace its component, reducing the risk of scratching or damaging the case.


    Tool module

    The tools include a ratchet wrench and a screwdriver handle with handy extensions and adapters and the corresponding bits. The bit range for the ratchet wrench is from size 5 to 13 and there are 8 basic bits in size 6.35mm for the H5, H4, H3, 5PH2, 5PH1, 3PH1, SL5, SL3 screwdriver.


    Wide range of bits

    The bottom of the set has space for a total of 48 bits in 4mm size and 20 bits in 6.35mm size. To be able to pull out each bit more easily, just press the button that will cause the bits to rise up vertically. Underneath them is a container for screws and bolts as well as a magnetizer and demagnetizer for each piece.


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